Sydenstricker Angus Genetics

After leaving the Jordan family and a long day traveling, I arrived in Mexico, Missouri to visit the SydGen Angus herd. The herd was established in 1952 and operated as Sydenstricker Angus Farms and went under the S A F prefix. Then a little over 10 years ago they started to operate as Sydenstricker Genetics to signify the business they are in and bring forward a unique naming prefix for their cattle, in SydGen. Two of perhaps the most identifiable bulls in the Angus breed, S A F Fame and V D A R New Trend 315 are also buried on the property.
We toured around their entire herd, which included weaner and yearling bulls, cows and calves, and joined heifers & cows to calve this autumn and herd sires. They have around 800 breeding cows of which they will calve 500 this autumn and 300 in the spring. Of these calves, around 25% would be by embryo transfer. They run their cow herd on about 3000ac of owned and leased land. We got to talk a lot about genetics and cattle throughout my time at Sydenstrickers, which was great!
It was great to work with the SydGen team for the week, and a very busy one it was at that! We hauled sale cows from different pastures back to their home place for their upcoming sale this November. We also preg checked cows, did pre weaning treatments for calves, tattooed calves, fly and worm treatments, put out mineral and blocks, fed cattle and other general duties. Like a lot of the country, it is very dry where Sydenstrickers are, and as their corn crop wasn’t as good this year, they chopped it all and made it into silage, which they will then be able to utilise as feed for the winter. Thanks to the Sydenstricker crew for a great week!

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