Partner & Co-Op Herds

While at O’Neill’s, I got to go and tour around their partner herd, Maifeld Inc. They are a purebred Angus operation and had their innaugural bull sale in March this year in conjunction with O’Neill’s. Their herd is almost 100% O’Neill genetics, with a very small amount of other genetics introduced. I was able to look around some cows & calves, almost yearling heifer & bull calves, and their herd sires. Maifeld recently sent a load of steers to be killed at a local processing plant, and 98% of the steers graded prime or choice, the 2 highest quality grades on the USDA grading system.

O’Neill’s also have 3 cooperative herds that raise all their embryo calves. One herd is located in Kansas, while the other two are in Iowa, both of which I got to go and see and to have a look at their embryo calves. The first one I got to visit was Schreck Farms where they raise not only calves for O’Neill’s, but also another Iowan Angus herd, Deppe Angus. The other herd that raises the O’Neills embryo calves is the Blum family. They also have a small herd of their own and do a small amount of ET themselves and raise all the calves as one.

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