O’Neills Angus

On to a visit with O’Neill Angus Farm in Logan, Iowa. O’Neill’s’ genetics have been used quite a bit in Australia, which started with the export of 3 live bulls in the 1980’s, one of which was O’Neill’s Mr. America, imported by Mundoo Angus. O’Neill’s run a 50 cow breeding herd and do a quite extensive embryo transfer program and I went with them to take 3 cows to Collison Embryo in northern Iowa. 2 of the cows were flushed and the other cow had a procedure called a DFR (Dominant Follicle Removal). By doing this, it stops a dominant follicle releasing a hormone which inhibits a cow from producing a good number of embryos.
The technicians used an ultrasound probe to locate and remove the dominant follicle. I was able to go into to the lab to watch them find the embryos and transfer them to another dish ready to be put into straws and frozen. The cows were flushed and we then bought them back with us to the farm. We looked around their breeding and donor cows, heifers and some herd bulls. I also got to see their senior resident walking sire, O’Neill’s Expedition, who has been used in Australia and whose progeny in the US have been winning a number of feed efficiency trials. We also delivered some bulls to a couple of their clients and were setting up another group of donor cows to be flushed. I also got to look at their show team for the upcoming Iowa State Fair in mid August. The bull shown is out of an Expedition daughter. We got to talk a lot about genetics and their breeding program.

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