Just livin’ the life!

At the conclusion of stay with the Jensen family, I headed with them back to Grand Island, Nebraska to the Junior National Hereford Expo. With 663 exhibitors from 37 states exhibiting around 1260 head of cattle, it really was a great line up of cattle! The competition commenced with a junior judging competition where there were two classes of heifers, one steer & one bull class to judge. There were also 10 questions asked on the steer class to see who was being observant and gain more points. There was then a fitting competition in the afternoon with the teams being made up of 3 competitors, each from different age groups. The age groups being peewee, junior, intermediate and senior. They were given 40 minutes to fit their animal and present it ready for show. The next day saw the showmanship competition being held, and because there were so many competitors, it took nearly all day! They judged all the age divisions, but the top 10 senior showmen that were chosen, had to come back for a final where that had to fit their animals from scratch and then show. In a showmanship competition, the animals are not fitted, it is concentrated more on the parader and how well they know their animal. Then the cattle judging started with cows and calves, bred & owned bulls, junior AI bulls, bred and owned heifers junior AI heifers & steers. After taking all day to judge these, the following day started with the owned heifer show, which also ran into the next day.
It was a great display of cattle, and a really good place to look at them as I had the opportunity to look at over 1200 head at the show, which I would not have been able to do otherwise.

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