There’s no place like home!

Well, it’s not quite like home (although, according to the Wizard of Oz…..), but after the conclusion of the Charolais Jr Nationals I headed to Courtland, Kansas to stay with the Jensen family. They run a 200 cow herd which comprises 100 registered Hereford cows and 100 recipient cows. They put embryos in the latter cows every year from their 10 best donor females. The remaining 90 purebred females each get A.I’ed once and then back up bulls get put out after this to ensure pregnancies. They had a female sale last October in which they put up for sale a number of their females to give other breeders an opportunity to purchase genetics from their herd that have been successful for them. Along with their purebred operation, the Jensens’ also have a genetic centre which comprises of semen collection & testing and bull housing.

The Jensens are taking 8 heifers to the Hereford Jr Nationals in Grand Island, Nebraska and each morning has been spent feeding, rinsing and blow drying & grooming the heifers to prepare for the show. Combining this with temperatures above 40 degrees everyday, it was a pretty hot job for both us & the heifers! We also had to do some general livestock duties, which included heat checking cows so they could be A.I’ed.

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