Premium Feeders Inc.

I was able to tour Premium Feeders in Scandia, Kansas, which is a family owned operation and has been in business almost 100 years. It is a unique feedlot in the way that it feeds all classes of livestock, from weaners to old cows, and even bulls! The feedlot has an ethanol plant less than a kilometre away, and they are able to utilise wet distillers’ grains, known as “wet cake” – a by-product from the production of ethanol. This was the major ingredient in the diet, along with hay, corn and vitamins & minerals. A full time nutritionist is always on hand to evaluate the rations to make sure each of the different groups get their optimal nutritional needs. The also grow their own crops to make silage to put in the feed rations. The feedlot has a capacity to feed 22 000 head at any one time, but operates the majority of the time at around
18 000. Being one of the oldest feed yards in the US, they were in the middle of upgrading the entire feedlot from the pens to the feed mill, making it into a full automated system to bring them up to date with the rest of the feedlot industry. There was not one particular breed that was being fed. They instead buy cattle that will make them the most money when it comes time to sell them: from young to old!

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